Beirut Blast

Where to start?!

On the 4th of August 2020, an explosion has hit Lebanon resulting in a definite human tragedy. The magnitude of the blast was internationally ranked as the third biggest explosions in history. On that day, the people of Lebanon and all those who love Lebanon have lost lives, dreams, houses, savings, shops and businesses, streets, someone’s favorite corners in Achrafieh, favorite stairs on Mar-Mikhael, favorite shops in Bourj-Hamoud, sidewalks, souks, rooftops in Downtown Beirut …

In this moment, we stand in silence for those who passed away; we stand in care with those who are severely injured, and we stand in pity for us and for what had passed away inside us.

At a time where children, mothers, fathers and grandparents are traumatized and speechless for what has become of them and their beloved Beirut, we from Live2Share are putting forward, in the service of the victims, what is still there and that they can hold on to. Live2Share does not have an office or a fixed location that can be destroyed by explosions. Live2Share is made of good souls and good intentions.

Our volunteers immediately got involved in the emergency response to alleviate the pain and preserve the dignities of those who were affected by the explosion. As soon as the 6th of August, we started contacting our friends and acquaintances living in the affected areas to offer help, in addition to assessing damaged neighborhoods in coordination with local authorities such as Mukhtars and municipalities. By the 6th of August, our volunteers were already distributing food parcels, sanitation and hygiene supplies and other basic commodities in affected areas.

Currently, we are centering our activities on emergency food, including cooked meals and food parcels, water, and clothes. The action consists of raising tents as point of distribution, each time in a different neighborhood. In addition, our volunteers register contacts for those who require chronic diseases medications and contact them in the following days when the medication is provided. Eventually, amid financial meltdown and political turmoil, we still want to keep an eye on the families outside Beirut, especially those who count on Live2Share for food and medication support.

Here below, you will find some captures during our response action. We take this opportunity to thank every volunteer, our mothers, our children, our friends, in Lebanon and abroad, working relentlessly towards picking up the pieces of this shattered city.

Today, our future is as blurry as the wreckage of Beirut. But, we are still observant to the far sound in our heads that says, WE WILL RISE UP!

Your contribution is our resilience on such hard days:

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